6th June 2011: Bailey Review published

The Bailey Review, published this morning, has made 14 recommendations to Government on how to tackle the issues surrounding the commercialisation and sexualisation of children.

Rosemary Kempsell, Worldwide President of Mothers’ Union, said today that the organisation “welcomed the recommendations made in the Review, in particular the focus on parents’ concerns about the issues.”

In particular, Mothers’ Union welcomes the recommendations to introduce age ratings on music videos;   ensure the watershed is not pushed to the limits; and require retailers of internet enabled devices to ask customers to opt in to adult rated content at point of sale. These measures will go a long way to empowering parents to make informed decisions about what their children access online, and how. We would also like to see consideration of the content and placement of on-street advertising given well before adverts are placed and compliance not reliant on a complaint having been made first.”

However, Mothers’ Union would like more robust action from the Government than has been recommended. Rosemary Kempsell said: “We cannot agree with the Review that a purely consensual approach will be the most effective, and that further regulation or legislation would necessarily disempower parents. As the Review points out several times, parents want help and support to address the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood; and Government intervention is one way of achieving this. We should not be afraid to challenge industry when the welfare of our children, and their future, is at stake.”

“Mothers’ Union embraces the challenge, set in the Review, to hold to account those to whom the recommendations are addressed, and will do so through the continuation of our Bye Buy Childhood campaign.”

Read the full report here.